Overview of Crystal Energy Healing

People have used crystals and gemstones for centuries for both healing and in rituals. Their mere appearance is often quite mystifying, and their effects can often be felt by a single touch, so it's no surprise that people have readily accepted the use of crystals and gemstones as an alternative health treatment, particularly in the face of a toxic, monetized healthcare system.

The belief that crystals and gemstones can be used as tools to magnify, isolate, and focus energies which can be used to heal the body has been held since ancient times. The color and tone of the crystal used depends on the areas of the body one is attempting to heal. The "prana" from Indian culture and the "chi" from Chinese medicine are both life forces which circulate through our bodies. The chakras are the energy vortexes located where the prana exists. In Chinese medicine, the chi flows along meridians and circulates the body. The use of crystals and gemstones, in both of these cases, is to either enhance these energies or to unblock it.

Originally, there were many defined chakra points, but, over time, it has been reduced to seven, which are the most commonly used. The root chakra which is located in the tailbone utilizes garnet, bloodstone, rubies and onyx to stimulate energy. The sacral chakra is located below the navel and it vibrates with carnelian, moonstone and hematite. The solar plexus chakra located in the center of the chest uses citrine, amber and topaz. If you want to focus on the heart, use rose quartz or fluorite. Aquamarine and turquoise are the primary healing stones associated with the throat chakra. The forehead chakra uses amethyst, sapphire or turquoise. The crown chakra, on your head, utilizes amethyst and clear quarts. While these are generally considered the most traditional, many crystal energy healers often simply use clear quarts in healing.

Sometimes the person who is receiving healing energy lies as the healer places the crystals on various chakras. Other times, there isn't a formal healing session, but the person who wants healing carries a crystal or gemstone on their person. People that carry the stone with them are often seeking emotional healing and carry the stone associated with the body part thought to be associated with that emotion.

While there has been some research done regarding crystal energy healing, the majority of the scientific community tends to attribute healing to the placebo effect. While no one knows for sure what the effectiveness is of crystals and gemstones, their use is one possibility that many users believe and regularly use as an alternative method of healing every day.

How to Cleanse Crystals and Gemstones

Methods for cleansing crystals after use.
It is generally necessary to cleanse any new crystals that you obtain in order to clear them of any energies that they may have collected prior to you obtaining them. Also, if you utilize any of your crystals as healing tools, it is always a good idea to cleanse them before and after each session.

There are a variety of widely-used methods to cleanse healing crystals. Choosing the best cleansing method usually depends on the specific type of crystal you are cleansing. Exposure to direct sunlight for about one hour is generally sufficient to cleanse most crystals. Certain crystals may fade if left out in the sunlight, amethyst being a primary example. Refrain from placing your amethysts in direct sunlight if you desire for them to keep their vibrant, purple hue. Moonlight cleansing may potentially take many hours, or even days. To expose a crystal to all phases of the moon phases, place the crystal outside each night at sundown, and retrieve it before sunrise), for four weeks (one lunar cycle).

Some crystals can dissolve if left in water, whereas other crystals react well to a soaking in fresh water. One method is to cleanse crystals under a running tap of cold water while simultaneously lightly brushing them with a toothbrush until they sparkle.

Following is a list of some common crystal cleansing methods:

Rub stones with incense or herbs (lavender, sage, etc.)
Energize stones in sunlight.
Energize stones under moonlight.
Cleanse stones in the ocean or in a bowl of salt water.
Cleanse stones in a natural body of fresh water (lake, river, pond, etc.)
Purify crystals overnight in brown rice.
Bury stones in the earth to purify.
Clean stones under a running tap of cold water.
Cleanse and re-energize crystals on purple plates.

Healing Properties of Hematite

Hematite has powerful healing properties.
Hematite is a mineral made from oxidized iron. Its healing properties are rooted in the inherent strengthening energy of iron, as well as the calming, nurturing properties of oxygen. Anyone can get the benefits from using these crystals, either by wearing jewelry made from hematite, or by keeping a piece of hematite with them. In crystal energy healing, hematite is often used as both a grounding crystal, and as a crystal for transformation.

Fundamental Properties of Hematite

Hematite is generally an opaque stone, which is somewhat dense and heavy because of its mineral composition. It usually is found as a silver, black, or brown stone. Rubbing a piece of it against a hard surface leaves a red residue. The heaviness and its dark, silvery sheen signifies grounding, protective crystals in energy healing. The red is related to the power of hematite to instill creative energy, and to help stimulate the circulatory system. This healing stone is common around the world, with major deposits in South American, Canada, and some regions of Europe.

The Metaphysical Nature of Hematite

When performing metaphysical work, hematite can be used to ground higher energies - it is generally a strong bridge between the spiritual plane and physical plane. It can also be used to help balance the subtle bodies, by imparting feelings of soothing and calmness. It can also be protective, reflecting and protecting against external negative energies.

Polished hematite crystal, which was used to make mirrors in past times, has been known to have the power to deflect and dissolve negative intentions, guarding the aura and subtle bodies during astral projection, and also guarding the mind from harmful influences. While expert crystal energy healers may utilize hematite to create energy barriers, any user can benefit from wearing hematite jewelry, or by carrying a piece of hematite, particularly if one is about to face a challenging person or event.

Healing Trauma and Emotional Pain using Crystals

Crystals can be used for healing trauma.
One of the primary uses of crystal energy healing is as a tool for reducing emotional suffering. Following, are some crystals which have been used to treat emotional pain and various methods for using them for crystal healing.

Rhodochrosite Crystal for Healing Past Emotional Trauma

Rhodochrosite is generally a pink, orange, or cream-colored crystal. It is known as a compassionate stone. It is generally thought of as one of the best stones for the treatment of emotional pain due to sexual abuse. The energies of this stone act to help eliminate denial and also to aid the acknowledgement and release of these painful emotions. It can also be helpful with alleviating depression. Rhodochrosite crystals are generally worn on the wrist or placed over the heart on a pendant.

Pink Tourmaline Crystals for Security in Love

Pink tourmaline is also a healing crystal that is generally worn over the heart. Its energy helps to attract love, promotions emotional security, and helps to connect the wearer with compassionate feelings. Obsolete, negative, or obstructive thoughts are removed and replaced with the awareness that expressing feelings of love is safe to do. All forms of tourmaline have been known to help remove such energy blockages. Pink tourmaline crystals are the ideal stone when working with blockages connected to the heart and emotional pain.

Smithsonite Crystal for Healing Childhood Emotional Pain

Smithsonite is found in a wude range of colors, from a deep pink to bluish-green. It is the ideal crystal for people who have trouble overcoming the belief that they are unwanted or unloved, which starts from an absence of emotional nurturing during childhood.

Dioptase Crystal for Betrayal and Abandonment

Diptase is deep bluish-green healing crystal which acts to heal emotional suffering and heartache from losing someone. It is excellent for helping to alleviate grief, abandonment, and betrayal while at the same time encouraging a positive view on life. This crystal is often held over the heart chakra or can also be taken as a gem elixir.