Helping Grief with Crystal Healing

Best Crystals to Use for Grief

Grief, such as that caused by losing a loved one, can be extremely difficult and painful, and moving beyond it can sometimes feel impossible. However, there are some crystals which may be helpful to use when dealing with grief.

Azurite is known as a good crystal to use when working through grief. This stone can aid in removing blockages from the throat and third eye chakras. Azurite is commonly used to calm anxieties and to aid in clear communication. Azurite can also be used to enhance intuition. Meditating with azurite can aid in reducing mental stress and anxiety.

Rose Quartz is a crystal associated with love and the heart chakra, and vibrates with healing compassion, forgiveness, love, and empathy. Worn as a pendant, it can serve to transmit these energies to the user all day long. Rose Quartz can aid in removing negative energy from people and places. Rose Quartz should be cleansed of negative energy on a regular basis if worn every day.

Chrysoprase has long been considered an excellent healing stone. It is a heart chakra crystal which provides calming and loving energy to those suffering from grief. Chrysoprase is also used to help engender and promote feelings of hope in situations thought to be hopeless.

Apache Tears are good crystals for draining off negative energies. Sometimes called black obsidian, Apache Tears are often quite helpful when someone is dealing with the loss of a loved one. However, users should be aware that Apache Tears can be very intense, and underlying, repressed problems that need to be addressed will most likely come to the surface. These crystals should be buried in the ground all night after being used. This will allows the negative energy absorbed by the stone to be released into the earth, leaving the stone cleansed.

Treating Anxiety with Crystal Healing

Rose quartz can be used for reducing anxiety.
One of the most effective stones for treating or reducing anxiety is Rose Quartz. It is an attractive, translucent pink crystal which radiates energy of unconditional love and empathy, and can help heal the heart of negative emotions.

Rose quartz has a calming and soothing energy, which is ideal for helping to alleviate worries and fears. It is the primary stone used for treating anxiety because it generates feelings of being nurtured and cared for. Merely holding rose quartz in one's hand can have a very calming effect.

Rose quartz is a great crystal to carry with you or wear as crystal jewelry. It is the primary heart chakra healing stone. Placing rose quartz beneath your pillow can aid in eliminating nightmares, insomnia, or other sleep-related issues.

During crystal and gem energy healing, place a piece of rose quartz over your heart chakra, fold your hands over the stone, and then visualize your whole body being surrounded by a soft, pink glow. This helps to energize and balance your heart chakra, which may eliminate any anxiety within a few minutes.

The following technique for treating anxiety is perfect when one is overwhelmed with intense feelings of. It is best to first find a quiet, safe place where this technique can be performed in absolute solitude. This method can generally be completed in about 5 minutes. However, if the anxiety hasn't gone away in that amount of time, continue with the process as long as needed.

1) Place a piece of rose quartz in the left hand.

2) Take slow deep breaths.

3) Visualize the calming energy of the stone filling up your left hand, and flowing throughout your body.

4) Place the rose quartz over your heart chakra, which is located in the middle of your chest.

5) Hold it over the heart chakra. Continue breathing slowly and deeply.

6) Allow the healing effects of the crystal to flow over you, replacing your anxiety with a feeling of calm.

7) Feel any tightness in your body melt away, replaced with a feeling that everything is okay, you are okay, and your needs are being fulfilled.

8) Once you are feeling more calm, mediate on the source of your anxiety.

9) Send it positive thoughts. Let go of any negative feelings/sensations that come up when you think about it.

10) Be confident in the knowledge that you are able to handle any of the stresses in your life, and that you are being watched out for.

11) Take a few more slow, deep breaths.

12) Place the stone back in your pocket or bag where it will keep providing you with calming energy the rest of the day.

The Healing Properties of Bloodstone

Blood stone has many beneficial healing qualities.

Bloostone is a Powerful Healer and Cleanser

Bloodstone is a type of Chalcedony (a type of Quartz) and it is also referred to as Heliotrope. It is typically dark green or greenish-blue with tiny red spots or flecks.

Bloodstone is often used as an ideal cleanser of the blood and has very strong, inherent healing properties. It can help to stimulate intuition and enhance creativity and expression. It has the properties both of grounding and of protection.

It can be used as a tool to help to draw away or drain negative energies. It can promote and stimulate dreaming, and can act as a very powerful revitalizer. It can reinforce courage and fortitude, and can help guide a user to avoid situations that are potentially dangerous.

Bloodstone Promotes Action

Bloodstone has often been reported to help promote a sense of both selflessness and idealism. It can be used as an aid for taking necessary action in the moment. Bloodstone can also calm and re-energize the mind, eliminate chaos and confusion, and promote decisiveness. It can help users quickly adjust to unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations or circumstances. Bloodstone also acts to reduce irritability, agitation, feelings of aggression, and impatience.

Physical Healing Properties of Bloodstone

Ideal for those who suffer from anemia, Bloodstone has been known to purify and fortify the blood. It is believed to help detoxify the liver, intestines, bladder, spleen and kidney. It is thought to help regulate, stimulate, and bolster blood flow and improve circulatory function.

Bloodstone has also been associated with a reduction in pus formation, neutralizing and eliminating bodily toxins, and in stimulating the lymphatic system, which results in reducing inflammation and helping to heal infections.

Choosing a Crystal for Healing

Choosing the right crystal for energy healing is important.
Most of the time, individuals who use crystals have a particular purpose in mind for why they are using them. And though some groups of crystals or stones are more likely, in general, to achieve the wanted results, not every unique specimen from the same group will have identical properties, whether talking about physical or metaphysical properties. Also, every person will not have the same reaction when exposed to a particular crystal or stone.

How to Find the Right Healing Stone for You

The most fundamental factor for selecting a particular crystal is in finding a vibrational match to your specific purpose. Everything in the universe vibrates at a specific frequency. This vibrational frequency is connected to the motion of the atoms which compose our material world, and it can change over time. Even throughout the course of a single day, your own frequency can change and shift. When your emotional state is dominated by happiness, success, and fulfillment, your frequency is likely very high. However, when you are stressed about doing your taxes, are worrying about work, or when you get into a conflict situation, your vibrational frequency will generally be much lower.

Crystal Selection Process

Following, is a basic, generalized process to help you identify which crystal or stone may be the most useful match for your particular goal.

1) Be able to clearly describe, specifically, what your purpose is.

2) Search for a few types of crystals that appear to support your goal (in books, on the internet, from a friend, etc.).

3) Choose a specific crystal that offers the best vibrational match to your specific frequency.

The final step is most readily accomplished simply by holding the crystal or gemstone in your hand, or visualizing holding it (if you are purchasing it online, for example), and clearly state your specific purpose: "I want to stop being self-destructive." Always state the specific goal in an affirmative way (do not say: "I want to stop feeling sad"). Affirmative statements promote the flow of positive energy, while negative statements cause resistance to these energy flows. Close your eyes while you clearly state your specific goal, which will allow you focus inwardly.

If you are someone who is more in touch with your emotions then your physical body, try to find a positive feeling (light, tingly, happy, smiling, laughing). If you are someone who is more in touch with your physical body, you can utilize the muscle testing method: balance you body upright and allow your body to "hover" and let it fall towards the direction it desires. If you start to fall forward, it generally means that you have found a good match. However, if you start to fall backwards, you likely haven't found a good match for your purposes. There are a variety of methods which use muscle testing for this purpose.

Energy Vibration of Healing Crystals

Many clocks and other time pieces utilize quartz as their time keeping component. This is due to the fact that quartz vibrates at a specific, fixed frequency, and this is how the timepiece maintains its timing. Different crystals, however, vibrate at varying frequencies.

Scientists have known for a long time, that, at the atomic scale, everything is composed of energy. They have also found out that one vibration will always affect another. As an example, when a tuning fork which is tuned to a G note is struck, it will cause a piano string of the same frequency to vibrate without any contact, while the other strings will not move. Crystals and gemstones can be thought of as a vibrating tuning fork that when placed near other energy fields of the body, will stimulate a vibrational response.

Throughout time crystals have been found to have vibrational frequencies that stimulate particular energy centers within the human body. Just like we have a nervous system, we also have a vibrational system. This long been explored and researched by eastern practices such as Yoga and acupuncture.

This is where crystals become relevant. Crystals and gemstones vibrate at varying frequencies, having different abilities to effect our body's systems. For example, if you place a Rutilated Quartz Crystal near the nape of the neck (a reservoir of spinal fluid named the medulla oblongata), it changes the electromagnetic properties of the spinal fluid resulting in clearer, faster, communication between the nervous system and the brain.

There are a variety of ways to interact with crystals and gemstomes. You can place them on different parts of your body, including using acupuncture points. This allows the vibration of the crystals to interact with your body.