Healing Properties of Turquoise: Personal Experience

Personal experiences using the healing properties of turquoise.

I love crystals and stones that have a long history of use for their powers. The healing properties of turquoise have been revered and used for thousands of years. I find that this quality gives it a sense of mystical awe. Stones like turquoise often have powerful qualities that transcend specific uses, and often have the most profound metaphysical and spiritual qualities.

I have several pieces of turquoise that I am particularly connected to. I have gotten them from various parts of the world, including Mexico, India, and Turkey. I find that each of these pieces of turquoise have a distinct quality to them, and seem to have very specific healing properties and uses.

I don't often use turquoise for healing, but when I do, I find it to be invaluable. I more often use it for its spiritual and metaphysical qualities, as it has an amazing ability to provide protection and allow us to gain spiritual insight

Turquoise Can Improve Digestion

Many people use turquoise for its physical healing properties. Personally, I find that other stones and crystals are more effective for my body, for most things. The one exception is digestive problems. I regularly suffer from poor digestion and problems with my bowels. My digestive tract gets irritated and inflamed rather easily, which is not only uncomfortable, but unhealthy, as a disturbed digestive tract has a hard time absorbing nutrients.

The first time I started using turquoise to try to help my digestive problems, I had astounding results. My pain and discomfort disappeared within hours and my bowl movements became regular for the first time in many weeks.

Since then, I have often had success in improving my digestion using this stone when I feel problems coming on. I feel this has greatly increased my quality of life, and has contributed to overall better health.

Turquoise Improves Communication

As I mentioned in my post about the healing properties of blue quartz, I have a strong fear of public speaking. Similarly to blue quartz, I have also used turquoise to help alleviate this fear and help me communicate more clearly and effectively. However, I find that turquoise has a stronger edge than blue quartz. Whereas, blue quartz provides a sense of calm and clarity that promotes confidence and clear communication, turquoise tends to promote a more aggressive confidence. I find it to be a better communication tool for situations where you expect there to be confrontation or disagreement.

One example, is when I had to confront my landlord about fixing something that he had been promising to fix for months. I'm not confrontational by nature, so I let him blow me off time and time again. It became a serious matter, so I knew I needed to be able to communicate my needs to him firmly, clearly, and confidently. Carrying a piece of turquoise during this conversation helped me to do just that, and get the problem solved.

Many other people claim that turquoise conveys a sense of tranquility and connection during communication. However, each of us are affected by crystals and stones in different ways, and some of us may have wildly different responses to particular crystals than what is the norm. I have known several other people who find turquoise to have the same effect on them as me, when it comes to communication.

Turquoise is a Stone of Protection

Turquoise is a highly potent and effective stone for providing protection. It has an incredible capacity to absorb negative energy, so it is an ideal tool to use when engaging in spiritual or metaphysical work. Often, when I am performing any type of general spiritual searching or seeking, I use turquoise to guard me from any negative or destructive influences I might encounter. I can clearly feel the protection of turquoise during these types of activities, giving me the confidence and security to delve deep into the spiritual world.

Many people I've encountered also swear by turquoise as a tool for physical protection. They claim it is able to guard the body against various diseases and disorders.

Turquoise Opens Up the Chakras

Turquoise is known to be a powerful tool for spiritual use because of its ability to open up all the chakras, even though its primary connection is to the throat chakra. This allows any energy blockages to be removed, connecting and balancing all of our energies. This free flow of energy between all of our chakras makes intense and meaningful spiritual and metaphysical work to be done.

Just by holding a piece of turquoise, I can feel its mystical energy and power. When meditating with it, you can feel yourself open up to connecting with the universe and the spiritual world. Its ability to open us up to the spiritual, as well as provide a shield of protection, makes turquoise an ideal stone for metaphysical exploration. This is why it is one of my primary stones for all spiritual uses.

Healing Properties of Rose Quartz: Personal Experience

Read about my experiences with the healing properties of rose quartz.

Rose quartz was one of the first crystals I ever had. When I was a teenager, I received a piece of this beautiful stone from a friend, and have it to this day. Over the years, I have experienced the healing properties of rose quartz in a variety of ways.

This crystal is not only beautiful, but also can bring beauty and love into your life, in all ways. This crystal has such a powerful and profound connection to the heart chakra that it can be used for any purpose involving our hearts.

I still use my original piece of rose quartz from time to time, and I thought it would be nice to share some of the experiences I've had with this crystal throughout my life.

Rose Quartz is the Crystal of Love

Rose quartz is popularly used as a crystal for attracting or enhancing romantic love. However, this crystal opens up our hearts to all forms of love. It connects us more closely to our families, bonds us more lovingly with our friends, and also helps us to love and accept ourselves more completely.

All of us need to feel loved and to have love around us. During some periods, we might not experience the amount of love we need to feel joyful and fulfilled. I have found rose quartz to be the ideal crystal to use during these times.

Whenever I have gone through periods of being or feeling more alone, I have carried and meditated with rose quartz to free my heart up to accept new relationships. Anytime I spent some time using this crystal, I've found myself in situations where I've encountered people who would become significant in my life. Many of these people I know to this day.

Rose quartz not only helps bring about the opportunity to connect with others, but also helps us recognize and accept this connection. Much of the time that we feel alone, it is of our own making. Whether we realize it or not, we are the ones shutting ourselves off from others. Rose quartz has the ability to shatter the walls we create, filling our hearts and spirits with loving energy.

Rose Quartz Can Bring Romance

This crystal is the most popular for attracting romantic love for a reason - it works. I have had three great loves in my life. I used rose quartz extensively before meeting all of them. There is no one way to use it. However, keeping the crystal on or near you as much as possible seems to have the biggest impact.

Carry it with you during the day, sleep with it under your pillow at night, and meditate while holding it each day. Being constantly surrounded by its loving energy and influence will work to bring romance to you, and you to it.

Rose Quartz Can Promote Forgiveness

Forgiveness isn't possible without empathy, and rose quartz has the ability to foster empathy and compassion. Empathy is an important part of love, so it's no surprise that rose quartz has such a profound quality to help us empathize with others.

We all need to forgive people at various times throughout our lives. Not only for them, but more for ourselves. Whether we are betrayed, lied to, abandoned, or hurt in some other way by another, healing cannot take place until we forgive. I've found rose quartz to be invaluable for helping me to forgive others and move on from whatever pain they caused me. It has the ability to dispel negative energy and emotions, allowing feelings of love and understanding to prevail.

Of course, we sometimes need to forgive ourselves, as well. This can be uncomfortable for many of us, even if we need to do it. I find that rose quartz gives me the ability to love, accept, and forgive myself more easily.

Rose Quartz Can Ease Anxiety

Many of us regularly feel anxious or worried. There are so many things in life that are unsure and fill us with fear about what may come to be. I suffered from anxiety attacks earlier in my life from time to time. Although meditation and mindfulness helped, I didn't completely get rid of my anxiety until I started meditating with rose quartz on a regular basis. I haven't had an anxiety or panic attack in over a decade, and I credit rose quartz with finally stopping them once and for all.

This crystal's loving energies are great for eliminating or reducing all manner of negative emotions and thoughts, which contribute to anxiety and fear. Regularly carrying or using rose quartz can free us from this negativity and replace it with calm and serenity.

Rose Quartz Can Heal the Heart

Because rose quartz is so profoundly connected to the heart chakra, many people use it for not only healing emotional pain of the heart, but also physical maladies of the heart. Wearing a pendant of rose quartz over your heart can provide its healing energies to your heart throughout the day.

I do not suffer from any heart problems. However, I know a number of people with various heart-related conditions who have successfully used rose quartz to promote the health of their heart and reduce the severity of their health problems. A few of these people didn't respond to medications until they started wearing or carrying rose quartz as well. This speaks to this stones intense communication with the heart chakra and its healing properties.

Healing Properties of Amethyst: Personal Experience

My personal experiences of the healing properties of amethyst.

I've only started using amethyst relatively recently in my history of a crystal practitioner. Although I have spoken with many people over the years about their positive experiences with the healing properties of amethyst, I had never encountered a piece of the crystal that resonated with me.

However, a couple of years ago I was visiting a friend who has an impressive collection of gorgeous crystals and stones. I was running my fingers over various crystals when I felt an immediate jolt of clarity. I noticed it happened as soon as I touched an interesting piece of amethyst that had an intensely deep purple color.

I picked it up and held it in my hands. It almost felt as if this crystal was speaking directly to my soul. My friend saw this whole event and immediately gifted me with this amazing crystal. Of course, I turned down the offer (though I really didn't want to). However, she would not take no for an answer.

Since then, I have found this particular stone to be one of my favorites for a variety of uses. Although my history with this crystal is somewhat brief, I would like to share my experience with this crystal's healing properties and powers.

Amethyst Is an Effective Crystal for Headaches

Over the years, I had spoken with many people who extolled amethyst's virtues as an incredibly powerful and versatile crystal for healing the physical body. Of course, until I actually had a piece of this amazing crystal that resonated with me, I had no idea exactly how powerful this stone's healing powers actually were.

Many types of quartz are powerful healers, amethyst being no exception (amethyst is the purple variety of quartz). However, this crystal clearly has profound healing qualities when it comes to the body, particularly in regards to headaches and other issues related to the head.

I have suffered with recurring headaches for many years. They are not migraines. However, they occur regularly and can be quite painful and debilitating. Like so many people, I've tried all the medications, with little or no effect. I do have success with meditation. However, when my headaches were bad, I found it difficult to be able to fully immerse myself in a meditative state.

I have used various crystals with some benefit, but I would often find they would work for a period of time, and then stop working.  It was almost as though I was wearing them out by trying to force them into a purpose they couldn't handle.

A few weeks after getting my new piece of amethyst, I started getting my headaches again. The first time, I didn't think to use my amethyst, as I had not been using crystals for my headaches for awhile. However, the next time I remembered. I sat calmly on the floor, holding the piece of amethyst in my left hand. I took a few deep breaths and concentrated on the pain fading from my head. Within minutes, to my surprise, the head pain had completely subsided. Additionally, I felt soothed and energized.

In the following weeks, every time a headache started to come on, I would meditate with my amethyst and the headache would subside within a matter of minutes. I had finally found my cure. Since then, I've had less and less headaches over time. I'm convinced this crystal not only relieves my headaches, but has actually healed the underlying cause.

Amethyst is Powerful Healing Tool for Pain

After having such success using amethyst for headaches, I started using it for other pains. I tend to bruise somewhat easily and often. Not long after getting my piece of amethyst, I bumped my leg particularly hard and knew I would be getting a large, painful bruise. I figured I'd try to use my crystal to see if it would help.

I slowly moved the crystal over the injury in a clockwise circle, focusing on healing. I did this for about 15 minutes. The next day, I was shocked. I still had a bruise, as expected. However, it was not nearly as bad as it should have been. Not only was it less apparent, but the pain and swelling were a fraction of what I usually experience.

Since then, I have used amethyst to help reduce pain from bruises, cuts, burns, and joint pain. I've found it to be more effective for certain injuries and body parts than others, but everyone is different and will respond differently to similar crystals.

Amethyst Can Curb Impulsive Behaviors

I am not a particularly impulsive or compulsive person (I think). However, I do tend to engage in a bit of compulsive shopping every now and then. This behavior has negatively affected by finances and life in general at various times in my life.

I had heard that amethyst is an effective tool for helping to reduce impulsive behaviors, so I wanted to give it a try to help me the next time I started getting urges to overspend. Several months later I started feeling those compulsive feelings to buy things. I immediately thought about my amethyst and sat down to meditate with it.

I allowed amethyst's calming energy to flow over and through me while I focused on contentment and peace. I found myself meditating this way for nearly an hour. When I opened my eyes, the urge to shop and spend had completely passed. In its place was a strong feeling of serenity, as well as a profound sense of being revitalized. I have used amethyst effectively to curb these impulses on a number of occasions, since then.

I have spoken with many people that have used amethyst to help them control and reduce many compulsive and obsessive behaviors that are negative or destructive, including gambling, drinking, and drug use.

Amethyst Provides Comfort and Support

Like many people, I have found that amethyst has profound abilities to provide a sense of comfort, wisdom, and support. I regularly mediate with it when I am experiencing any sense of loss. It conveys a feeling of emotional comfort that is very helpful during such times.

Many people use it to help get comfort during grieving the loss of a loved one. I haven't had to deal with that experience since I've had this crystal. However, I'm hoping it will be a useful tool when that time comes.

Amethyst is said to be good for suppressing all negative energies, and I have found this to be true in my experiences.

Amethyst is closely related to the various other types of quartz, including aventurine, citrine, milky quartz, smoky quartz, blue quartzrose quartz, carnelian, and opal. For energy healing and other applications amethyst embodies both the properties of amethyst and quartz.

Healing Properties of Blue Quartz: Personal Experience

My experiences with the healing properties of blue quartz.

I have found blue quartz to be a very useful and powerful crystal in my personal life. In fact, I have a treasured piece of blue quartz that I have carried with me for many years. It has been a trusted tool for helping me to focus my thoughts, improve my ability to communicate, and enhance my personal spiritual growth.

Blue quartz has a very calming and soothing energy. I'm going to go over some of the most important healing properties of blue quartz and how this crystal has helped me over the years.

Blue Quartz Helps Improve Clarity and Focus

If you are someone like me, you often find your mind and thoughts growing chaotic and disordered sometimes. I often find this is the case when I have multiple issues going on at the same time. If I'm dealing with work issues, relationship issues, and trying to work on a personal project simultaneously, I find myself having trouble focusing and addressing each issue positively and productively.

Blue quartz is ideal for anyone who experiences this. This crystal is very effective for helping to bring order out of chaos and focus your thoughts and energies. Recently, I've gone through this exact situation. I had to find a new job, a new place to live, and was dealing with health issues with my father. I immediately retrieved my blue quartz crystal and performed some meditation while holding it. I repeated this at least once a day, while also carrying the crystal with me throughout the day. I also held it in my hand whenever possible.

I could feel the vibrations of my crystal bring my energies into balance, helping me to be able to organize my time and energy, and handle everything I needed to. Everything worked out, and I credit the help of blue quartz with helping me to stay focused, calm, and motivated.

Blue Quartz Helps Enhance Communication Skills

I am deathly afraid of public speaking and doing presentations. However, my job and interests often demand that I have to. I've always dreaded speaking in front of people, ever since I was in school. I'm afraid of messing up, or my voice shaking, or freezing up. I know that many people are in the same boat. In fact, public speaking is many people's biggest fear.

This is another situation where blue quartz's properties are a godsend. Blue quartz has a profound ability to improve and enhance our ability to communicate. It can aid any type of communication, but many people use it specifically to help them deal with the fear of public speaking. Holding a piece of blue quartz before and during your speech not only helps to bolster your confidence, but also communicate more clearly and effectively.

I almost always use my blue quartz when I need to do any sort of public speaking or giving a presentation, and I have found it to be an invaluable tool for reducing my anxiety and making my speaking much more effective.

This crystal is also useful for situations where you need to reach an agreement, bargain, or compromise with someone else. It aids in diplomatic communication and can help bridge the gap between two sides. I've used my blue quartz at job interviews and when buying/selling things, and have found it to be beneficial in these types of situations.

Blue Quartz Helps to Foster Optimism and Joy

Like many people, I've gone through periods of feeling down, depressed, and generally low. It is something that almost everyone goes through every now and then, but some of us have a tendency to experience these periods more often and more intensely than others. I've found that the emotional healing properties of blue quartz are quite powerful, and it is a wonderful crystal to have when you're feeling this way.

Blue quartz has the ability to enhance positive energy, and to help replace negative feelings and thoughts with optimism and joy. It can help mitigate almost any negative emotional state, including depression, stress, anxiety, and fear. Personally, I have found it to be a great comfort when I am going through a period of feeling blue, and meditating with it nearly always brings about a significant improvement in my mood and outlook.

Blue Quartz Enhances Spiritual Development

Blue quartz is used by many people for its spiritual and metaphysical qualities. This crystal is tightly connected to the throat chakra and third-eye chakra. Many claim that it has the ability to help open up and increase the energy flowing between the physical chakras and spiritual chakras. Personally, I've found this to be true.

In my quest for spiritual growth and insight, I've often meditated using blue quartz. I always experience a clear and distinct sense of connection with the spiritual world when I use this crystal for meditation. Many times, when I can sense I'm dealing with difficult energy blockages, I use blue quartz, and can quickly feel the blockages open up and disappear due to the the influence of this crystal.

Whenever I am doing any type of activity involving dreams, I also use blue quartz. I've found it to be helpful for dream interpretation and lucid dreaming. This crystal seems to soften the boundary between the waking and dream worlds, allowing us to travel between them more easily.

My friend, who has a gift for sensing and altering auras, often uses blue quartz to help cleanse auras of negative energy and influences. She says that blue quartz has a profoundly calming effect on the aura and our life energy.

Many also claim that this crystal is effective when trying to contact spirits. Personally, I have never used it for this purpose, but I have spoken with many people who have claimed that it was a valuable aid in helping them to connect with loved ones who have passed.

Blue Quartz Heals the Body 

Blue quartz is said to have many healing properties for the body. It's calming and soothing energy is ideal for helping the body to heal. Because of its connection to the throat chakra, it is said to be particularly effective for maladies of the throat and thyroid. I've been lucky enough to not have any problems related to the throat. However, I know several people with thyroid conditions who swear by blue quartz as a powerful healing crystal for their conditions.

Personally, I have used blue quartz for its detoxifying properties with good results. I have seen and felt noticeable benefits to adding this crystal to my detoxification routine I perform every few months. I've talked with many people who claim that it is effective for helping to remove toxins from the blood and glands, which helps to purify our entire body.

As a blue crystal, blue quartz's attributes have much in common with the healing properties of turquoise.  Likewise, as a type of quartz its attributes also have some similarities to the healing properties of rose quartz and the healing properties of amethyst.