Healing Properties of Blue Quartz: Personal Experience

My experiences with the healing properties of blue quartz.

I have found blue quartz to be a very useful and powerful crystal in my personal life. In fact, I have a treasured piece of blue quartz that I have carried with me for many years. It has been a trusted tool for helping me to focus my thoughts, improve my ability to communicate, and enhance my personal spiritual growth.

Blue quartz has a very calming and soothing energy. I'm going to go over some of the most important healing properties of blue quartz and how this crystal has helped me over the years.

Blue Quartz Helps Improve Clarity and Focus

If you are someone like me, you often find your mind and thoughts growing chaotic and disordered sometimes. I often find this is the case when I have multiple issues going on at the same time. If I'm dealing with work issues, relationship issues, and trying to work on a personal project simultaneously, I find myself having trouble focusing and addressing each issue positively and productively.

Blue quartz is ideal for anyone who experiences this. This crystal is very effective for helping to bring order out of chaos and focus your thoughts and energies. Recently, I've gone through this exact situation. I had to find a new job, a new place to live, and was dealing with health issues with my father. I immediately retrieved my blue quartz crystal and performed some meditation while holding it. I repeated this at least once a day, while also carrying the crystal with me throughout the day. I also held it in my hand whenever possible.

I could feel the vibrations of my crystal bring my energies into balance, helping me to be able to organize my time and energy, and handle everything I needed to. Everything worked out, and I credit the help of blue quartz with helping me to stay focused, calm, and motivated.

Blue Quartz Helps Enhance Communication Skills

I am deathly afraid of public speaking and doing presentations. However, my job and interests often demand that I have to. I've always dreaded speaking in front of people, ever since I was in school. I'm afraid of messing up, or my voice shaking, or freezing up. I know that many people are in the same boat. In fact, public speaking is many people's biggest fear.

This is another situation where blue quartz's properties are a godsend. Blue quartz has a profound ability to improve and enhance our ability to communicate. It can aid any type of communication, but many people use it specifically to help them deal with the fear of public speaking. Holding a piece of blue quartz before and during your speech not only helps to bolster your confidence, but also communicate more clearly and effectively.

I almost always use my blue quartz when I need to do any sort of public speaking or giving a presentation, and I have found it to be an invaluable tool for reducing my anxiety and making my speaking much more effective.

This crystal is also useful for situations where you need to reach an agreement, bargain, or compromise with someone else. It aids in diplomatic communication and can help bridge the gap between two sides. I've used my blue quartz at job interviews and when buying/selling things, and have found it to be beneficial in these types of situations.

Blue Quartz Helps to Foster Optimism and Joy

Like many people, I've gone through periods of feeling down, depressed, and generally low. It is something that almost everyone goes through every now and then, but some of us have a tendency to experience these periods more often and more intensely than others. I've found that the emotional healing properties of blue quartz are quite powerful, and it is a wonderful crystal to have when you're feeling this way.

Blue quartz has the ability to enhance positive energy, and to help replace negative feelings and thoughts with optimism and joy. It can help mitigate almost any negative emotional state, including depression, stress, anxiety, and fear. Personally, I have found it to be a great comfort when I am going through a period of feeling blue, and meditating with it nearly always brings about a significant improvement in my mood and outlook.

Blue Quartz Enhances Spiritual Development

Blue quartz is used by many people for its spiritual and metaphysical qualities. This crystal is tightly connected to the throat chakra and third-eye chakra. Many claim that it has the ability to help open up and increase the energy flowing between the physical chakras and spiritual chakras. Personally, I've found this to be true.

In my quest for spiritual growth and insight, I've often meditated using blue quartz. I always experience a clear and distinct sense of connection with the spiritual world when I use this crystal for meditation. Many times, when I can sense I'm dealing with difficult energy blockages, I use blue quartz, and can quickly feel the blockages open up and disappear due to the the influence of this crystal.

Whenever I am doing any type of activity involving dreams, I also use blue quartz. I've found it to be helpful for dream interpretation and lucid dreaming. This crystal seems to soften the boundary between the waking and dream worlds, allowing us to travel between them more easily.

My friend, who has a gift for sensing and altering auras, often uses blue quartz to help cleanse auras of negative energy and influences. She says that blue quartz has a profoundly calming effect on the aura and our life energy.

Many also claim that this crystal is effective when trying to contact spirits. Personally, I have never used it for this purpose, but I have spoken with many people who have claimed that it was a valuable aid in helping them to connect with loved ones who have passed.

Blue Quartz Heals the Body 

Blue quartz is said to have many healing properties for the body. It's calming and soothing energy is ideal for helping the body to heal. Because of its connection to the throat chakra, it is said to be particularly effective for maladies of the throat and thyroid. I've been lucky enough to not have any problems related to the throat. However, I know several people with thyroid conditions who swear by blue quartz as a powerful healing crystal for their conditions.

Personally, I have used blue quartz for its detoxifying properties with good results. I have seen and felt noticeable benefits to adding this crystal to my detoxification routine I perform every few months. I've talked with many people who claim that it is effective for helping to remove toxins from the blood and glands, which helps to purify our entire body.

As a blue crystal, blue quartz's attributes have much in common with the healing properties of turquoise.  Likewise, as a type of quartz its attributes also have some similarities to the healing properties of rose quartz and the healing properties of amethyst.