Healing Properties of Blue Quartz

Blue quartz has many healing properties.

Blue Quartz is the Crystal of Communication and Clarity

Blue quartz is the primary stone used by those who are seeking to enhance or improve communication, clarity, order, or self-discipline. The healing properties of blue quartz are believed by most crystal energy practitioners to result from the profound effect this stone has on helping to bring the throat chakra into balance, as well as from its ability to strengthen the communication and energy flow between the lower, physical chakras and the higher, spiritual chakras.  Blue Quartz is primarily used to work with issues involving the throat (fifth) and third-eye (sixth) chakras.  It is a powerful crystal, for its spiritual and metaphysical properties, as well as its properties regarding the physical and emotional.

Blue quartz can be used as a powerful tool for helping to eliminate difficulties and complications resulting from a scattered or chaotic mind, and is ideal for helping one to reduce disorganization in their lives by working to bolster and stimulate mental clarity and focus. Additionally, it can aid a crystal user to be able to more clearly perceive the reality of a situation, be able to accept it, and respond to it in a useful, positive, and productive manner. It can also be used to stimulate and enhance creativity and expression.

Due to it's properties that enhance both clarity and communication, it is a great stone to use in situations involving either diplomacy or bargaining, Blue Quartz is an extremely soothing stone, emitting a sense of tranquility.  This can help bring a sense of peace, relaxation, and openness to various situations which require an agreement to be reached.  It can serve to act as an aid for reaching out to, and connecting with, others.

Like all varieties of quartz, blue quartz can be used as tool to amplify energy and power for uses involving magic. Many people find that blue quartz is a good stone to use when cleansing the aura.  It is also known to be one of the best crystals to use when trying to clear away stubborn energy blockages.  Its calming influence and energy make it a wonderful stone to use when engaging in focused meditation or mindfulness.

Emotional and Metaphysical Healing Properties of Blue Quartz

The healing properties of blue quartz, in regards to emotional issues, are powerful. As blue quartz is a stone that promotes positive energies, it is often used as an aid in reducing feelings of depression.  It is one of the best stones for helping to replace negative energy with positive feelings of peace and joy. It is also an ideal tool for reducing or eliminating feelings of emotional tension, anxiety, and fear. Additionally, it is often used to help one be less stubborn, obstinate, and hard-headed.  This can be particularly useful for individuals whose stubbornness is rooted in negativity.

The metaphysical properties of blue quartz are also widely known and respected.  Psychically and spiritually speaking, blue quartz is believed by most to help stimulate and enhance personal spiritual development.  It is also used to aid those who are attempting to contact spirits.  Blue quartz can be a highly effective stone for aiding one to be able to more clearly and openly express spiritual thoughts and feelings. Additionally, it is often used as an aid when working with and interpreting dreams and visions.

Physical Healing Properties of Blue Quartz

Physically speaking, the healing properties of blue quartz primarily act in a calming fashion on the body.  It is often used to help cool, relax, and soothe the body, throat, and thyroid. It is also commonly used to help remove toxins from the body, calm over-stimulation, and reduce hyperactivity and agitation. It is believed to have beneficial effects on the spleen, endocrine system, and the blood.  blue Quartz is also said to bolster immune system function, and promote the health of the lungs, throat, heart, and eyes.

As a blue crystal, blue quartz's attributes have much in common with the healing properties of turquoise.  Likewise, as a type of quartz its attributes also have some similarities to the healing properties of rose quartz.